Magnesium liquid - for nerves of steel
  • Magnesium liquid - for nerves of steel

Magnesium liquid - for nerves of steel, 1l

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Waldhausen‘s wide-ranging products for high quality horse- and leathercare as well as feed supplements.
Developed, tried and tested over many years. The latest findings from nature, science and technology go into the development of our products.
Care products and feed additives are manufactured by experienced and distinguished producers only under strict quality checks.
Through collaboration with World and European Champions, and Olympic gold medallists, as well as with show and leisure riders, our products have established themselves in the equestrian world! Our experience and our name guarantee high quality.

Composition: magnesium chloride 34.00 %, glucose 5.00 %
Analytic Composition: raw protein 0.10 %, crude fibre 0.00 %, unrefined oils and fats 0.00 %, crude ash 23.10 %, magnesium 4.04 %.
Moisture 70.9 %

Additives per kg: nutritional additives: L-tryptophan 1000 mg, vitamin B12 as cyanocobalamin 100000 mcg.
Zinc as zinc chloride, monohydrate (E 6) 233 mg

Feeding Instructions:
Large Horses (600 kg) 25 ml – 50 ml per day
Small Horses 10 ml – 30 ml per day
Recommended feeding period: 2 to 4 weeks. We recommend seeking professional advice before feeding.

Dosage form: liquid / packaging: 39028000 1 ltr. dosage bottle

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Magnesium can diminish stress reactions, increase the horse"s readiness to perform and act as a calmer and reinforce the horse"s equilibrium. In combination with Vitamin B12, magnesium supports muscle metabolism.
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